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Let’s recall the Primary Elements of Surgery.

In view of the specificity of each wound and each patient all surgeries and surgeons ought to respect and fulfill the adequate (for his speciality) Surgical Protocol, in order to secure the patient’s security. Let’s recall the Primary Elements of Surgery to apply in daily practice!

How to conciliate Medical School with The Olympic Games?

Having done admission tests for College, there comes the big day when you get the most expected piece of news: you are at Medical School! But how do you conciliate your professional dream with your personal one? How do you devote yourself to studying without neglecting your training?

Tip for a Blocomed’s Xmas

One of the warmest seasons is coming! Surely its warmth isn’t due to the climate, but to people’s feelings, to sociability, to sharing and to moments around the fireplace. Xmas 🎄 is almost there! And it brings along gifts, smiles and wishes for next year…but not only! It also brings the best gift any medical student may wish!

Blocomed will be on Shark Tank’s Portugal TV show next 3rd December 2016!

It was still while studying medicine that David and Miguel identified a need that turned out to be common to other students in the same area: the lack of equipment that allowed surgical training anywhere at any time! Later both doctors created a platform to fulfill that need – the Blocomed Surgical Kit!

Do you know all the types of Manual Knots? - Part I

Each patient and each wound requires a specific and individual treatment. The suture technique of manual knots (surgeon knots) allows the surgeon to have a better control over the wound closure. The tecnique chosen is one of the variables that can contribute to a better healing. The suture must assure that the diferent tissues of the wound are sutured respecting the anatomy. So, what is the adequate knot for each wound?

How did everything begun and the major importance of the parcipants’ feedback about the Blocomed’s Suture Workshops!

In this first article of Blocomed’s Blog we are telling you a bit about our story and share with you a testemony quit interesting of one of the students of Blocomed’s Surgical Workshop. Cutting and sewing is part of everyday of many health professionals (and students) so that they can feel confidente and safe while in a surgery, so they must practice a lot. With Blocomed’s Surgical Kit you are able to practice and develop your Suture Skills wherever and anytime you want to!