1. What is the blocomed® Surgical Kit and what does it consist of?

The blocomed® brand was developed by two young physicians and designed for medical students, first year interns, residents  and young people who wish to pursue a medical career. The first product created by blocomed® is the Surgical Kit, which includes:

1.1 Surgical Platform developed by blocomed®, made of highly resistant material with white finishing, ideal for practicing different suture techniques. This platform consists of 3 areas:

- Area for skin continuity suturing solutions
- Elastics area prepared for practicing manual knots and/or suture using approximation of elastics
- Area for practicing depth knots or knots in small spaces

1.2 Surgical Kit developed by blocomed® consisting of:

1 Mayo Needle Holder
1 Surgical Scissors
1 Serrated Dissecting Forceps
1 Non-Serrated Forceps
1 Scalpel Handle no.3
2 Scalpel Blades
3 Suture Threads

1.3 Basic Surgical Guidelines Manual

1.4 Consumables:

2 Surgical Training Sponges
1 Two-color thread for manual knot training
2 Elastics
1 Pair of Sterilized Gloves

Note: All instruments included are of maximum quality and identical to those used by physicians on a daily basis. They have not been sterilized, but are prepared to be sterilized.

2. Who can benefit from the blocomed® Surgical Kit?

-Medical students

-First year interns

-Specialty interns (especially surgical specialties)

-Nursing students or dentistry students

-Veterinary students

-Secondary school students who are interested in a career in healthcare


3. What will you learn from the blocomed® Surgical Kit?

The blocomed® Surgical Kit will help you acquire basic knowledge about surgery. The goal is for students who acquire the blocomed® Surgical Kit to gain knowledge of:

-Basic principles of asepsis

-Basic principles of wound treatment

 -Surgical knots technique

 -Handling surgical instruments

 -Suture materials

 -Suture techniques


4. What are the main concepts addressed in the Manual?

-Entering the Operating Room


-Wearing the surgical gown

-Wearing sterilized gloves

-Suture technique

-Succinct clinical history

-Classification of wounds



-Types of thread

-Types of suture

-Advise to follow after release from hospital

-Mini Glossary

5. How can I acquire my blocomed® Surgical Kit?

The blocomed® Surgical Kit can be acquired online at www.blocomed.com or at a blocomed® point of sale.

6. Is there any danger in using the blocomed® Surgical Kit?

The blocomed® Surgical Kit contains cutting/perforating instruments, such as a  scalpel, scissors and suture thread and as such we suggest taking great care in handling these instruments. blocomed® cannot not be held responsible for improper use of the instruments that make up the blocomed® Surgical Kit, as well as any injuries that may occur during their usage.

Children under 18 must be supervised by parents/guardians. This kit should not be used by children under 12 years of age.

7. Can I use the blocomed® Surgical Kit to treat wounds at home and substitute my physician?

NO! The blocomed® Surgical Kit was created strictly for training and practicing purposes and should not be used in real situations (NOTE: the instruments in the kit have NOT been sterilized and the suture threads may have expired).

8. Can I sterilize the surgical materials?

Yes! The needle holder, forceps, scalpel and scissors can be sterilized at a specialized centre and used in real situations.

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3. What are my shipping options?

Blocomed offers its customers personalized home delivery given that these products are of high quality and we want high quality delivery. Delivery may be made via postal service when shipping to the Portuguese islands or in exceptional cases.

4. What payment methods can I choose?

4.1 Multibanco ATM ( at a Multibanco network ATM or via Home Banking) - Only available in Portugal

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6. How can I contact blocomed?

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