How can I access my account?

1.1 My account

You can access your account using your email address and password.

1.2 I forgot my password

Just click “ENTER ” and select “recover password.” Enter your email address and after confirmation you will receive a new password.

1.3 Changing my password

In your “Personal Area” in the “Login Data” field choose your new password. At the end click “confirm.”

1.4 I forgot the email address I have associated with

In such cases contact the team, indicating your personal data and the new email address so that all new information can be updated.

1.5 I want to change my email address

In the “Personal Area” in the “Login Data” field select and confirm your new email address.

2. What is the difference between shipping data and invoicing data?

2.1 Shipping Address

This is the address where you would like to receive your orders.

To create an address, enter your Name, Address, City and Postal Code.

You can consult or change your address at any time.

2.2 Invoicing Address

It is possible to enter an invoicing address that is the same as the shipping address, or a different one if for instance you wish to send a gift. In such cases you must list as the shipping address the address of the location where you wish to receive  the shipment and the invoicing address as the location where you wish to receive the invoice.

Choosing invoicing data: during your order, on the payments page, select the invoicing address and the shipping address.

3. What are my shipping options?

Blocomed offers its customers personalized home delivery given that these products are of high quality and we want high quality delivery. Delivery may be made via postal service when shipping to the Portuguese islands or in exceptional cases.

4. What payment methods can I choose?

4.1 Visa/MasterCard

The following credit cards are accepted:


- MasterCard

In accordance with new security regulations laid out by VISA International and by Europay/Mastercard International, from 1 April 2001 all authorization requests for executing transactions using cards from these systems can only be processed by Redunicre if the supplied information includes the card security code (CW2/CVC2). The card security code is a number consisting of three digits printed on the back of the card after the number, on the right side of the signature field of all VISA and Europay cards.

Note: Orders made using a Credit Card are subject to confirmation by EasyPay and if the request is turned down you must contact your bank or card issuer in order to obtain additional information.

5. When will I receive my shipment?

Time periods for delivery of shipments  are estimated as of the date on which the orders are processed and in accordance with the carrier and the selected destination. The time period stated by blocomed varies between 5 and 15 business days after payment confirmation, blocomed not being responsible for any delays in shipping the order.

If your order has not yet arrived at its destination within the established deadlines, we suggest you access your account and check the order number and contact us via email to

If your order should get lost or cannot be delivered to its destination, the fault detection system can take up to 15 business days to confirm the occurrence.

6. How can I contact blocomed?

You can  contact blocomed via the following email address:

Security and Confidentiality

Protection of Personal Data guarantees confidentiality of all data supplied by its customers. Collection and processing of data is done securely and without loss or manipulation.

The purpose of this file is to facilitate the transfer of your requests and send commercial offers regarding our products and services that may be of interest to you. Occasionally you may receive advertising from third parties, always related to the products and services sold at If you do not wish to receive advertising from third parties please send an email to guarantees the security and confidentiality of your personal data. All customers are entitled to accessing, correcting, cancelling and opposing their data. If at any time you no longer wish to be included in our database, you can exercise that right by contacting us.

You can access your account any time to change your personal data.